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DRC: Human Rights Defender Abducted, Mistreatedposted on: 2010/09/08

DRC: Human Rights Defender Abducted, Mistreated - Investigate This Case and Protect All Activists at Risk

(Goma, September 8, 2010) – Congolese authorities should open a prompt, impartial, and thorough investigation of the abduction and ill-treatment of a human rights defender in North Kivu province in late August 2010, a coalition of 36 international and Congolese human rights organizations said today. The authorities should publicly condemn this act and identify and bring to justice those responsible, the coalition said.

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Sylvestre Bwira Kyahi, civil society president in Masisi territory, was abducted by armed men in Congolese army uniforms traveling in a private Jeep on August 24 in the Ndosho neighborhood of Goma, North Kivu Province, information gathered by the coalition members indicated. He was found on August 30 near Sake, about 30 kilometers west of Goma.

Russia: Update - Court hearing for human rights defender Mr Oleg Orlov scheduled for 13 Septemberposted on: 2010/09/07

A court hearing in relation to criminal charges of libel against human rights defender Mr Oleg Orlov, Chairman of Human Rights Centre Memorial, has been set for 13 September 2010. The hearing will be held at 11.00 a.m. at District Court No. 63 in Khamovniki district in Moscow. A preparatory hearing on the case took place on 30 August 2010. As Oleg Orlov was away at the time, the hearing was postponed until 13 September.

Oslo: From Firefighting to Effective Protection, international seminar hosted by Front Line, the Ford Foundation and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry posted on: 2010/09/07

On Friday 03 September Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jonas Gahr Støre formally opened a major international seminar in Oslo on the issue of more effective protection for human rights defenders at risk.

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Hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ford Foundation and Front Line the seminar brought together leading international non-governmental organisations from around the world to discuss how the international community can respond more effectively to the security and protection needs of human rights defenders at risk.

“Human rights defenders play an irreplaceable role in protecting victims, revealing abuses and demanding justice. We as a government work to strengthen their rights and possibilities to carry out their important work.", said Foreign Minister Støre.

The objective of the seminar was to bring together key actors involved in working for the international protection of human rights defenders to review the effectiveness of current efforts, identify gaps and discuss ideas and develop proposals for more effective action.

Kyrgyzstan: Update - Upcoming trial of human rights defender Mr Azimjan Askarovposted on: 2010/09/01

The trial of human rights defender Mr Azimjan Askarov has been scheduled to take place on 2 September 2010 in Nooken regional court, close to Bazar Korgon in the Jalalabad region of south Kyrgyzstan. The presiding judge will reportedly come from Bazar Korgon.

DRC - Update: Disappeared human rights defender Sylvestre Bwira Kyahi is found in Gomaposted on: 2010/08/31

Human rights defender Sylvestre Bwira Kyahi has been found alive on 31 August in Goma. He had disappeared a week before, on 24 August 2010. Those who saw him shortly after he was found reported that he was weak and presented signs of torture. He is currently in hospital in Goma for treatment.

Mexico: Update - Human rights defender Mr Raúl Hernández Abundió freed after full exoneration by courtposted on: 2010/08/31

Human rights defender Mr Raúl Hernández Abundió has been released after spending over two years in prison in connection to a crime he did not commit.

Saudi Arabia: Update - Court to announce verdict on the legality of detaining human rights defender Judge Suliman Ibrahim Al-Reshoudi posted on: 2010/08/26

On Saturday, 28 August 2010, the Grievances (Administrative) Court in Riyadh is expected to announce a verdict in the case of “Judge Al-Reshoudi Vs. the Ministry of Interior”, a lawsuit filed against the Ministry regarding Judge Suliman Ibrahim Al-Reshoudi, who has been detained incommunicado without charge for more than three years.

Uzbekistan: Update - Extension of prison term of human rights defender Gaybullo Jalilovposted on: 2010/08/23

During a closed court hearing on 5 August 2010, human rights defender Mr Gaybullo Jalilov had his prison sentence extended by four years.

Yemen: Update - Human rights defender Mr Ali Ahmad Al-Saqqaf in ongoing arbitrary detention and denied access to lawyersposted on: 2010/08/20

Front Line expresses its concern regarding the ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr Ali Ahmad Al-Saqqaf, a teacher and member of the Yemeni Organization for the Defence of Democratic Rights and Freedoms (YODDRF) which campaigns for the protection of the rights of detainees.

India: Update - Court orders release on bail of five arrested human rights defendersposted on: 2010/08/19

On 19 August 2010, a bail hearing took place in the case of five detained human rights defenders - Mr Gnana Diraviam, Mr Anandan, Ms Bharathi Pillai, Ms Niharga Priya and Ms Sudha.

Zimbabwe: Update – Court eases bail conditions of human rights defender, Farai Maguwuposted on: 2010/08/19

A Zimbabwe Magistrates' Court has eased the bail conditions of human rights defender Mr Farai Maguwu.

Dublin: Front Line launches "Book of Testimonies" the personal stories of 50 human rights defendersposted on: 2010/08/18

Front Line is launching a new “Book of Testimonies” which is the personal testimonies of 50 human rights defenders from around the world who attended the 5th Dublin Platform in February 2010. Every one of the human rights defenders quoted in this book is at significant risk because of their legitimate human rights work.

Bahrain: Update - Human rights defenders in Bahrain denied access to their families and lawyers posted on: 2010/08/18

Front Line is seriously concerned that human rights defenders arrested over the last days in Bahrain are being denied access to lawyers and to their families. The whereabouts of Dr. Abduljalil Al Singace and Abdul Ghani al-Kanjar remain unknown and they have reportedly been denied access to their families and to their lawyers since their arrest on 13 and 15 August 2010 respectively.

Western Sahara: Update - Renewal of arbitrary detention of human rights defenders Ali Salem Tamek, Brahim Dahane and Ahmad Anasiriposted on: 2010/08/18

On 16 August 2010, the investigating judge at the Military Court in Rabat, Morocco renewed the detention of three Sahrawi human rights defenders, namely; Mr Ali Salem Tamek, Mr Brahim Dahane and Mr Ahmad Anasiri.

Iran: Update – Human rights defender Mohammad Mostafaei arrives in Norway and his relatives are released on bailposted on: 2010/08/09

Front Line is pleased to report that on 7 August 2010, human rights defender Mr Mohammad Mostafaei arrived safely in Norway where he has claimed political asylum. Ms Fereshteh Halimi, Mohammad Mostafaei's wife, was also released on bail on the afternoon of 7 August.